During summer 2019 Fjord Horse International received two applications from member countries looking to host the European Championships of 2020. Fjord Horse International is very grateful that so many are willing to take on all the work associated with such an event and notes that the Fjord horse has many people working for the best of the Fjord horse.

After discussions with representatives of the two countries, Denmark will be hosting the EC 2020 in Vilhelmsborg 6th to 9th of August.

The terms are that the statutes of EC from FjHI is being followed and that FjHI does a proposal on the level of the tests for the EC. In addition, Germany has the option before other countries to organize EC of 2022.

FjHI will write a procedure stipulating how the announcement and communication of the EC will be organized in the future. This will be published as soon as possible.

The FjHI wishes to say thank you to all for showing interest in hosting the EC and wishes Denmark the very best of luck with the preparations of next years event.

President of Fjord Horse International
Jenny Wright Johnsen